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Family Law

At Ashwood Solicitors, we have an experienced team of solicitors who specialise in providing expert advice when you need it most. We are able to provide clear and straightforward advice on a wide range of family matters.


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Family Law Solicitors

Our specialist solicitors have experience in resolving matters in relation to relationship breakdown, divorce, separation and children. We understand that if a family approaches us for legal issues, this can often be a complicated and stressful time in their lives. This is why we combine our legal services with care and compassion to help our clients achieve the best outcome in their circumstances.

At Ashwood Solicitors, we understand the individuality of your case and our team will always be there to answer your questions as the case runs its course. We always aim to stay relevant and provide advice with clarity so you are able to understand the legal situation and solutions we can achieve. Our family law team is committed to providing a personal yet professional service throughout all aspects of family law. Once we understand your options and the guidance available to you, we can then support you and your family throughout the legal process. are short deadlines in terms of giving evidence to support your asylum claim.

Expert Legal Family Advice

couples and family groups to provide support and advice during legal proceedings. Family issues can be difficult for all those involved, which is why we approach each case with care and emotional support. Our guidance and assistance are personalised to your individual case, so if your case requires other experts from Ashwood Solicitors to get involved, we can arrange that.

Our team is here to help you and your family with legal issues that might arise and provide you with help and solutions to the legal matter currently happening. Whether you’re seeking legal advice on a particular family issue, such as divorce or domestic abuse, our team always listen to your needs and aim to handle your case with privacy.

Family issues can be stressful; our team fully understands this, so we don’t bombard you with legal jargon and a suitable strategy to resolve any legal matter. At Ashwood Solicitors, we know that family legal cases are highly sensitive and may be challenging to hand when emotions are running high and conflicts often escalate quickly.

Free Initial Discussion

Our skilled legal professionals at Ashwood Solicitors will take care of your legal requirements. We listen carefully to your individual needs and oer a free legal consultation to discuss your requirements when it comes to family law and legal services.

For a free initial discussion and a no-obligation quote, call our friendly team today on 0161 248 4444 or email us at and a member of our team will get back to you. We will also assess if you are eligible for Legal Aid.

Community policy

Using our depth and breadth of expertise, we have helped clients with a wide range of family law matters. Our approach is to be proactive and work with you to achieve your objectives and deliver successful outcomes as eciently and swiftly as possible. We can clearly explain the legal issues and provide you with expert advice that is tailored to your specific circumstances.

Our team care about the legal case you’re involved in, but we also care about the situation you and your family will end up in. Our main aim is to ensure that everyone in your family is content with the outcome or solution we can provide. This involves young family members such as your children or grandchildren because we understand that this could take a toll on their life and health.

No matter what the legal family matter is, whether that be divorce, civil partnership or even financial, legal dispute, our team can achieve a suitable outcome for everyone involved. Sometimes this may mean going to court. However, if we can resolve issues without going to court, we will try to do so. This often means your case can be less stressful and time-consuming, as we know life is busy without having to factor legal matters into the scenario.

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