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Consumer Law


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If you are a consumer then when you purchase goods or services from a business, you will have agreed to their terms and conditions of the service. The business has a responsibility to ensure that the product or goods sold are fit for their purpose. This may include the purchase of faulty goods, problems with contracts, rogue traders or tradespeople with sub-standard services, delayed or cancelled flights, lost luggage and more.

At Ashwood Solicitors, we have a specialist team of Consumer Rights Solicitors who provide clear and practical legal advice. We are committed to resolving your consumer problem as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible; our team will keep you updated throughout the course of your complaint. For individuals looking to resolve consumer disputes, we have the valuable insight to get you the right results you want with minimal hassle.

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 is there to protect your rights as a consumer when you’ve purchased a product or service from a business. If those are breached and you feel that you’ve been mistreated, then you may have a claim against the business. For a free initial discussion and a no-obligation quote, call our friendly team today on 0161 248 4444 or email us at

Consumer Law & Rights

The law surrounding consumer rights and protection is complex, so if your purchase isn’t suitable or safe, you should complain by following the companies complaint procedure, if they have one. If you’ve made a complaint and the business has refused to solve the issue in a satisfactory manner, the next step is to seek legal advice and you have several options:

  • Court Action – At Ashwood Solicitors, we have vast experience in dealing with County Court claims. We will provide expert advice at every stage, including on all fees which will be required.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) – These are methods of resolving disputes between traders and consumers without the need to go to court. Many of our cases have been resolved out of court and settled amicably.

We believe that every consumer deserves the right to legal protection; if your consumer rights have been breached, then a valid claim can be made against the seller, supplier or manufacturer. With a wide understanding of this complex sector, our team at Ashwood Solicitors can help give you clarity on the legal consumer issues you may be facing.

Why Choose Us

Our team at Ashwood Solicitors have helped clients with a wide range of consumer legal issues; we have a proactive approach to resolving consumer disputes. This may be the first time you need legal advice, which is why we take the time to clearly explain how we can help and what advice we can provide you with.

By understanding your individual case and circumstances, we are able to offer a bespoke service to ensure any legal matters incur minimal disruption to your life. It can be stressful and frustrating when fighting a consumer dispute, but our consumer law solicitors are here to answer any questions you may have and aim to resolve your dispute.

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How Do I Enforce My Consumer Rights?

When enforcing your consumer rights, the necessary complaint procedures need to be followed. This is where reading the business’ terms and conditions will help you understand whether you have a claim to file. If you’re unsure of where you stand, you can get in touch with the team at Ashwood Solicitors; we have the knowledge to help you enforce your consumer rights. We can explain all the options available to you and advise you on the best course of action to either gain you compensation or resolve your complaint.

Contact Us

We can assist you with any consumer law issues; wherever you are based, we provide you with the support you need. This includes a meeting via video link, but we also have offices in Manchester and Blackburn where you can book an appointment to speak to us. For a free initial discussion and a no-obligation quote, call our friendly team at Ashwood Solicitors today on 0161 248 4444 or email us at