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Immigration Law – Our Fees


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SRA Transparency rules: costs information.

We are required by our regulator, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) to provide price transparency guidance. The SRA rules aim to make sure consumers have the information they need to make an informed choice of legal services provider, including understanding what the costs may be.

At the outset of a case, we will give you an estimate for the case based on the particular circumstances of the case at that time for example, whether there are likely to be any preliminary

Our fee range (exc. VAT) *depending on complexity and seniority of lawyer Home Office or Court fees *per person applying (Subject to change, please request details of the current Fees) Other disbursements
One Off Consultation or Application Check £100 – £300 None Usually none, unless professional interpreting needed
Citizenship (Naturalisation or Registration) £850 – £3,000 The most common fees are: £1,330 Naturalisation £1,012 Child Registration Common disbursements which may apply, depending on your circumstances: Interpreting usually charged t £20-25 per hour for interpreting, £12 per hour for travel and expenses Detailed expert reports from medical specialists, social workers or country experts – fees vary
Points Based System applications[iv] (in-country or from abroad) Tier 1: £1,500 – £8,000 Tier 2: £1,000 – £4,800 Tier 4: £700 – £2,400 Home Office fees vary depending on your application category IHS fee
Family Member Immigration Appeal – FTT[v] £2,500 – £6,000 Court fee: £140
Family Member Immigration Appeal – FTT[v] £2,500 – £6,000 Court fee: £140
Deportation Initial stage including representations and evidence gathering: £1,400 – £4,000 FTT deportation appeal: £3,000 – £10,000 Court fee for FTT: £140
Judicial Reviews We have significant expertise and experience in litigating judicial reviews – please get in touch for a flexible and reasonable quote Initial court fee: £154 Later court fees may apply depending on how far your case proceeds
Asylum Applications and Appeals Free legal aid may be available – contact us for advice For privately paying clients, we can offer flexible and manageable terms – please get in touch for a free conversation No fees for legal aid clients For privately paying clients, a court fee of £140 is applicable

[i] “LTR” – Limited Leave to Remain – i.e. not an application for permanent status

[ii] “IHS” – Immigration Health Surcharge – this is an additional fee levied by the Home Office to pay for the NHS

[iii] “ILR” – Indefinite Leave to Remain

[iv] Points Based System applications: e.g. Tier 1 – including Entrepreneur, Investor; Tier 2 – including General Migrant (sponsored employment); Tier 4 – students

[v] “FTT” – First Tier Tribunal – this is the first instance court for Immigration appeals; separate fees would apply for any Upper Tribunal hearings that may follow