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Further Leave & Indefinite Leave to Remain Solicitors


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Further Leave &
Indefinite Leave
to Remain

Once you are on a route to settlement within the UK, you will need to extend this before applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain. Whether you are a partner, a worker or an entrepreneur, it is important to know what evidence you will need to extend your leave.

Taking legal advice early on in the process means you can be sure that you are taking the proper steps and collating the correct evidence to ensure your future. This is where our team at Ashwood Solicitors can help; we have extensive experience in immigration law, with a specialist department that can offer straightforward, client-focused advice and guidance. For example, partners will need to show a higher level of English language ability than their earlier applications and entrepreneurs will need to show they have created additional jobs in the UK.

For Indefinite Leave to Remain, there are higher levels of criminality checks. You will also need to pass a Life in the UK test confirming that you have sufficient knowledge of British history and society. Once you hold Indefinite Leave to remain, you can reside in the UK permanently as long as you do not:

  • Commit a serious criminal offence
  • Leave the UK for more than two years at a time

What is indefinite leave to remain?

There are many holders of visas, all of them are different; for example, there are visitors or short-term students that will be expected to return home; some may include limited leave for settled status in the UK. Settled status means that the visa holder has permission to stay in the UK permanently, also known as  Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).

The criteria for an ILR visa means you must have spent at least five years in the UK before you can apply; however, there are circumstances where you can apply after three years of residence in the UK.

Individuals with ILR don’t have to comply with immigration restrictions in the UK, meaning that you can leave and enter the UK at will. It does not expire unless you have been out of the UK for over two years, plus you may also become eligible for certain benefits such as tax credits and welfare benefits.

Apply for indefinite leave to remain

Applying for indefinite leave to remain visa can be complicated, especially with the amount of paperwork you need to complete. This is where our expert team at Ashwood Solicitors can help you understand the terminology and what needs to be correctly completed. A grant of ILR will allow you to:

  • Settle in the UK permanently.
  • No further visa applications or meeting visa eligibility criteria need to be completed.
  • No need to apply for visa extensions.
  • Take up Employment without your employer requiring a Home Office issued Sponsor Licence to employ you.
  • Travel to and from the UK without any restrictions.
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Why Choose Us?

Using our depth and expertise, we have helped clients with a wide range of legal matters.
The impact your immigration status can have on your life and career is stressful. Still, at Ashwood Solicitors, we can help people from all backgrounds, including senior executives, entrepreneurs, investors and professional sportspeople. Our team aim to reduce the stress involves within the application process and allow you to focus on the critical things in your life. We understand how beneficial an ILR can be, so we have a proactive approach when it comes to delivering successful outcomes. We can clearly explain the legal issues and provide you with expert advice that is tailored to your specific circumstances.

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Our immigration experts provide professional, confidential advice. We also speak a range of languages, including Bengali, Urdu, Polish, Punjabi, Tamil, Malay, Kurdish and Arabic.

We also have a strong network of interpreters to cater to most languages to make communication easier.

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