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Accidents in
Public Places

Companies have a duty to ensure your safety whenever you enter their premises; this is the same with public bodies such as councils and local authorities. Most injuries that happen in a public place can often be avoided, so if you have suffered an injury, then you may be entitled to compensation. At Ashwood Solicitors, we will investigate your individual case, establish who is responsible for the accident and assess if you could make a claim.

A public place is anywhere that can be accessed by the general public, which means that there can be many different organisations that could be responsible for accidents if they happen. At Ashwood Solicitors, our expert personal injury team can investigate your case and determine if you could be entitled to a claim.

Types of Accidents in Public Places

At Ashwood Solicitors, we’ve given advice and support to thousands of clients who are entitled to compensation following accidents, including:

  • Accidents in supermarkets, shops, shopping centres, cinemas etc
  • Sports injuries, including football, accidents in the gym and horse riding injuries
  • Tripping on a dangerous step in a bar, restaurant, nightclub
  • Slipping on a wet floor.
  • Falling on spilt drinks in bars, restaurants and nightclubs
  • Dog bites
  • Objects falling from shelves onto customers in supermarkets and shops
  • Being knocked by a shop worker pushing a roll cage or stacking shelves
  • Children’s accidents and school injuries
  • Accidents in areas owned or managed by local councils

By claiming for your accident in a public place, you could secure compensation to help with rehabilitation and support for your recovery. Accidents often take place on roads and public footpaths; these claims are made against the local authority; you can also claim for accidents that have taken in supermarkets and other public places such as museums, car parks etc. If you have been in an accident in a public place and you don’t believe you’re at fault, then get in touch with Ashwood Solicitors as soon as possible.


Public injury compensation solicitors

Have you been injured in a public place?

We know how shocking an accident in a public place can be and the last thing you expect is to be injured when walking down the street, in a shop or while on holiday.

An accident in a public area can seriously impact your everyday life, your

work-life, and your finances. At Ashwood Solicitors, our legal team have years of experience with general accident claims and we work with you to establish how and why the accident happened.

There is a time limit of three years from the date of your accident to make a claim; we would recommend getting specialist legal advice soon after. This often makes it easier to get evidence to support your claim, but we can help you gather evidence in the forms of witness statements, photos and CCTV footage.

How much is my personal injury compensation claim worth?

At Ashwood Solicitors, we deal with a variety of personal injury claims, all of which are different, so when it comes to the final figure on the claim, this will vary. It can depend on a number of factors, for example, the severity of your injuries, your length of recovery and even loss of earnings.

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At Ashwood Solicitors, we specialise in various legal matters, which has earned us an excellent reputation across the country. We can assist wherever you are based, including meeting via video link and we also have offices in Manchester and Blackburn.

For a free initial discussion and a no-obligation quote, call our friendly team today on 0161 248 4444 or email us at

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Why Choose Us?

At Ashwood Solicitors, we aim to deal with your personal injury claim effectively and sympathetically to achieve the best outcome for you as our client. Slip and fall injury cases can be quite complicated when it comes to the legal side of things. This is where our team at Ashwood Solicitors can be on your side throughout the case.

Our approach is to be proactive and work with you to achieve your objectives and deliver successful outcomes as efficiently and swiftly as possible.

We can clearly explain the legal issues and provide you with expert advice that is tailored to your specific circumstances. We are 100% committed to our clients and their individual requirements when achieving the compensation; we ensure their best interests are taken care of throughout the whole process.